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Thank you doesn't seem like enough.

By The Stewarts, 01/10/11, 10:36PM CST


Thank you doesn’t seem like enough”.  Thank you everyone who was involved in helping Jamie Stewart, Tuesday night, January 4th, 2011 at the ice rink.  At the time it was the scariest thing a parent can go through and we hope that no one else ever has to go through it.  But knowing that the professional help was there and doing their job made it somewhat easier.    Thank you to  Jason Thelen, and Dr. Brattloff for being on the ice making sure that Jamie  was stable and secure, Thank you to Coach Stahnke for being there to assure him he was getting the treatment he needed. Thank you to Steve Bade, Mike Walsh, and Dion Pederson for their help on the ice and their reassurance to Jamie to help him stay calm.  Thank you to Bucky Johnson and Brent Haynes from North Memorial Ambulance for the excellent care in transporting Jamie.  Thank you to the ER staff, Dr Beehler, Patty and Sheryl for working so hard to find the best news of the night “nothing major” was wrong.  


We all realize that there are dangers in a contact sport like hockey it is nice to know we have the trained professionals on hand to handle situations like this that may arise.   


Thank you to all the parents, teammates, coaches, arena staff, friends, relatives, kids, and spectators who have called, emailed, texted and in person shown their support and prayers for Jamie and us.  Luckily our story has a happy ending, it was truly overwhelming to see and feel the support of our “hockey family”.


Thank you everyone


The Stewarts, Roger, Janel, Jamie, Jena and Jacob.