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Team Managers

Team Managers for the 2017-18 season

Mites - Abbie Henry: 218-371-5157

Mites - Jessica Jensen: 218-252-7648

Squirts - Megan Hafner: 218-252-0055

PeeWees – Kelsey Sharp: 218-255-2024

Bantams – Heidi Pachel:  218-255-2878

Girls Varsity – Kathy Henry:  218-255-3995

Boys Varsity – Krista Hesby: 218-252-1904

Social Media, Mobile & Electronic Communiations Policy

Team managers have many responsibilities and serve as very important function in maintaining good team organization. Having a successful hockey season depends on the communication between coaches, parents, players, schedulers, refs, board members, equipment manager, team managers to name a few. One of the most important jobs of a team manager is communication and keeping everyone informed throughout the entire season. This position will be held for one (1) year, starting the fall of one year to the fall of the following year, as there are events that require communication with parents, coaches, teams, etc. throughout the summer months. The team manager assists the coach(es), whose primary responsibilities are to the players and being a member of the coaching committee. Team managers must maintain the same amount of enthusiasm in helping the program as our youth do in their skating activities. The importance of a proper role model cannot be over-emphasized. Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the season, we are showing our youth the benefits of volunteer involvement.

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