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Grievance Policy

Park Rapids Amateur Hockey Association Grievance Procedure

It is the intent of the PRAHA Board of Directors to provide an opportunity for coaches, parents, rink staff, players etc. to express their concerns and receive a timely and appropriate response.  In order to ensure a respectful and professional experience, the Board insists that all parties follow the grievance procedures as presented.  If the grievances involves accusations outside the normal scope of the Association or are of a criminal nature, the proper authorities should be contacted before any grievance process begins.  Any grievances related to High School level of play need to be addressed with the appropriate Athletic Director and/or Principal.  

The procedures are as follows:

  1. Cooling-off period.  Under no circumstances will grievances be discussed on the same day or in public.  Parties must wait at least 24 hours before taking action.  All parties must agree to not participate in any conversations where the grievance procedure has not been followed.

  2. Grievance form.  Prior to any conversations being held, a grievance form must be completed and submitted to the PRAHA drop box by the office at the rink or mailed to PO Box 508, Park Rapids MN 56470.  (Forms can be found outside the office or at  Once a written grievance is received, a special board meeting will be scheduled within one week for review and discussion by all board members.  3 board members will be selected at this time to hold a meeting with both parties.  

  3. Grievance Meeting.  A Board member will contact both parties and arrange a time to meet, within one week of the special board meeting, in order to resolve the issue.  Both parties must agree to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully at all times.  Both parties will be given a copy of the grievance prior to the meeting.   

  4. Grievance Board Meeting.  In the event the issue is not resolved to satisfaction, a meeting with both parties will be scheduled and held with the PRAHA Board in order to resolve the issue.

  5. District 15.  In the event the issue is still not resolved or the parties are not satisfied with the ruling, they may appeal the decision in writing to the Director of the MN Hockey District 15.   

  6. In the interest of protecting the family oriented environment of the Park Rapids Amateur Hockey Association, it is imperative that this policy be followed by all.  Failure to follow this policy may incur punitive action by the PRAHA Board of Directors.



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