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10,000 Shot Club

PRAHA 10,000 Shoot/Save Challenge

There is no secret formula to improving your skills. Either practice or be left behind. Hockey consists of two simple concepts scoring goals and preventing them. A bucket of pucks and a back stop or some tennis balls are all you need. It is that easy. PRAHA is challenging its members to a 10,000 shoot/save experience from June 1 to August 31, each year.  If completed there will be acknowledgement on the website as well as a T-shirt for all that succeed.

A prize drawing will be held for those that complete the program.



1. You must log your progress to become a member of the 10,000 group. The tally sheet can be printed off of the website.

2. 10,000 shots/saves must be completed by August 31.

3. Your parents must sign your tally sheet before it is turned in.

4. All tally sheets need to be given to Sam Coborn by September 15th.

5. You are on the honor system. Please be truthful with yourself and the program.

6. You must be part of the PRAHA program to take the challenge.  All levels are encouraged and eligible to participate.



1. Have 5 to 20 pucks for shooters and 5 tennis balls for the goalies.

2. Have a designated area for shooting and a wall to bounce the balls off of for the goalies. Shooters: A smooth shooting surface. Driveway, plastic mat or smooth surface board from the lumber yard etc. Use your imagination.

3. Plan ahead to complete a certain amount every day.  It will be difficult to complete all the shots/saves on the last few days.

4. Shooters set up a net or tarp with targets. Goalies need a wall with a smooth surface. Remember to always keep your eye on the ball.

5. Shooters work on all types of shots. Wrist, snap, slap, backhand, top corner, 5 hole, bottom corner, one timers etc. Practice quick release and work on weaker shots until they are no longer the weaker ones.

6. Goalies need to complete 5,000 catches and 5,000 blocks. These are completed by bouncing a ball off of the wall in any way and catching it off of the wall. That is one save. After several you can then move to the blocker. Bounce the ball off of the wall and deflect it will the blocker. That would be one save each time. Push yourself. Stand close to the wall then move away from the wall. This will change the angles and speed of the ball returning to you. Can also work with a partner and have them bounce a ball to either side and you deflect or catch. Each time is one save.

7. Dont just go through the motions. Make it a game, remember proper form. If your shots or saves are perfect every time move farther from or closer to the target to add a challenge. One foot, speed, etc. Shooters remember not to shoot all 10,000 from one spot. Move around the target.

8. Keep quickness, accuracy and moving in mind. Make it fun.


Please, all athletes turn in your sheets whether you complete the 10,000 shots/saves or not.  Coaches are interested in who attempted the challenge.

Parents, encourage our athletes to attempt this challenge. There are great benefits to 10,000 Shoot and Save.

Go Panther Hockey!

Mike McMorrow

Phone: 218-252-3574

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