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10,000 Shot Club

PRAHA Challenges YOU


July 1 to September 31.

There’s no secret formula to improving your skills. Practice and consistency are KEY!! Hockey consists of two simple concepts…..scoring goals and preventing them. A bucket of pucks or tennis balls and a back stop are all you need.


Requirements to qualify

  • Varsity/Bantam - 10,000 shots
  • Pee Wee/Squirt - 7,500 shots
  • Mite - 5,000 shots
  • Progress must be logged on a tally sheet before turned in. One is available for easy use or any sheet of paper will do. Just click on the link Tally Sheet and print it off.
  • Must be a member of PRAHA to participate.



*Have 5 to 20 pucks for shooters and 5 for the goalies.

*Have a designated area for shooting and a wall to bounce the balls off for the goalies. Shooters: A smooth shooting surface. Driveway, plastic mat or smooth surface board from the lumber yard etc. Use your imagination.

*Plan to complete a certain amount every day.  It will be difficult to complete all the shots/saves n the last few days.

*Shooters work on all types of shots. Wrist, snap, slap, backhand, top corner, 5 hole, bottom corner, one timers etc. Practice quick release and work on weaker shots until they are no longer the weak ones.

*Goalies need to complete catches and blocks.

*If possible, work with a partner.

*Don’ t just go through the motions make it a game remember proper form. If your shots or saves are perfect every time move farther from or closer to the target to. This will change the angle and speed of the ball returning to you.


This year all participants will be put in a drawing for hockey sticks,

t-shirts, hats, and (2) $50 cash prizes!!!!


Go Panther Hockey!



Tally sheet must be signed by a parent/guardian and turned in by October 15th to Kelsey @

Kelsey Sharp

Phone: 218-255-2024