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Craig Nieman

Craig Nieman

Head Referee

Phone: 763-360-8342


Register with USA Hockey as an official.  Go to and select "Membership".  Follow the prompts to complete your registration as an official.  After registration, sign up for a seminar.  USA Hockey requires you create a profile to do this.  The site will walk you through this when you select the "Officials" tab.  Seminars are listed on the District 15 website.  You are required to pay your fees to USA Hockey before signing up for seminars.

In addition to the required seminar attendance, there is an "on-line" element to USA Hockey's official training.  You will find the "on-line" modules under the Officials dropdown menu.  This must be completed in order to receive your crest and card.

There is an "on-line" open book test and a closed book test at your seminar that must be completed.  It is ideal to watch the "on-line" modules before taking your open book test or attending your seminar.

SafeSport training is required for all officials over the age of 18.

Once all requirements are completed and you've received your card and crest, let your local scheduler know your ready to work games. 




Please keep track of which games you ref - no one is keeping track for you.

Reimbursement sheets are in the office hanging on the ref clip (behind the door) in the Ref's room or on the website at  Please call or text the Treasurer if you can't find them.  

Drop completed reimbursement sheets in the drop off box outside the office.  Checks will be in the office attached to the ref clip.  Don't forget to indicate on your sheet if you want your check mailed instead.  

If there are any discrepancies as to who did which games, no one will get paid for the games in question.

Please contact the Treasurer if you have any questions.


Melissa Fogarty

PRAHA Treasurer

Phone: 218-616-0428

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