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Parents Info

Educate Yourself

Throughout your child's time in hockey, it is almost a certainty that you will be pressured on how you approach the game of hockey.  From off season development opportunities to the type of equipment your player uses, other parents and program representative are going to offer you free advice on what your player should do to improve.  Not all of them will truly have you or your kid's best interest in mind.  The key to deciphering them is education.  Use the resources provided by MN Hockey and USA Hockey to build a solid knowledge base and add to it by talking with a variety of people in your association and other local hockey associations.

Parent Responsibilities: NOT LIMITED TO ITEMS BELOW

VOLUNTEER:  The Association is run by volunteers so get involved.  Do your part so 10% of the Association doesn't do 100% of the work.  Set a good example for your children.  Show them the importance of volunteering.

All families are required to work a minimum amount of hours each season.

Varsity thru Squirts 25 hours

Mites/8U 15 hours

Mites/6U and under 5 hours

There are numerous ways to fulfill your hours:  Be a team manager, sit on a committee, sit on the board, work home games and tournaments etc.  Seek out your manager, a board member or rink staff for opportunities.

FUNDRAISING:  There are 2 mandatory fundraiser held each year.  Sell or buy raffle tickets and the spaghetti dinner/silent auction.  When shopping Amazon, use AmazonSmile and earn money for the Association.

SKATE SHARPENING:  Is included in your registration.  Place your skates with your card inside on the undone shelf.  Skates will be moved to the done shelf once they've been sharpened.  Not a rostered player?  The fee is $3.00.

GAME SOCKS:  1 pair of game socks are included in your registration.  See your manager if you need a pair.

"Like" us on Facebook.  Check out the website for information.  Attend a board meeting.

Did you participate in a hockey camp or activity this summer?