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Mandatory Work Hours

Mandatory Family Work Hours

Park Rapids Amateur Hockey Association (PRAHA) is an organization run by its membership. Volunteers are absolutely essential to maintaining and growing the Park Rapids Amateur Hockey Association. This is entirely dependent on the participation of you, the members of PRAHA.  Each family is required to fulfill mandatory hours or pay a volunteer fee.  


The table below outlines the volunteer requirements per family.  Please use the level at which your oldest child is playing:

Level of oldest player

Minimum mandatory number of Volunteer hours

Mites/6U & under

5 hours


15 hours


25 hours


25 hours


25 hours

Varsity and JV

25 hours


A required check deposit for mandatory hours will be collected prior to your child being allowed on the ice.  Exceptions to this would be those who hold a position that is exempt from mandatory work hours. 

Mites/6U $50, Mites/8U $150, Squirts thru Varsity $250.00 

Deposit checks will be held by PRAHA (un-cashed) until mandatory hours have been completed.  All mandatory hours must be completed by March 31st.  If mandatory hours have not been fulfilled by March 31st, you will be contacted by PRAHA and informed your check will be cashed.  All hours must be completed in order to have your check returned.  (i.e., if you are required to complete 25 hours and only complete 24.5, the full deposit check will be cashed).  Our goal is to not cash any checks as we would like everyone to meet their mandatory requirements.  For those who complete their hours, your check will be returned at the annual meeting.  Checks not collected at the annual meeting will be shredded unless arrangements have been made prior to the annual meeting.


Mandatory work hours shall cycle from April 1 to March 31st each year.   


The following positions will fulfill required volunteer hours; however you may still be required to work home games and tournaments. 


  • PRAHA Board Member
  • Association Registrar
  • Scheduler
  • Rostered Head Coach
  • Rostered Assistant Coach (max of 2 per team)
  • Team Manager
  • Concessions Manager


Listed below are examples of the many opportunities you have to help fulfill your mandatory work hours:

Youth Coach – Head or Assistant – must be CEP certified and listed on the roster to be considered a volunteer coach.

Team Manager  liaison for the team.

Association Registrar - manage all registration for players, coaches, volunteers, etc. 

Fundraising Committee attend meetings and help with various fundraising activities.

Recruitment and Retention Committee – attend meetings and help with various recruiting activities.

Registration – assisting the Association Registrar with various tasks.  

Tournament Committee attend meetings and help with various tournament activities.  

Team Home Games – working various jobs at your home games or other teams.

JV/Varsity Gate – work the admissions gate at JV/Varsity games. 

Concessions operate the concession stand during games and practices.  

Other Committee Work assisting with and sit on various committees formed throughout the hockey season. 

PRAHA Board Member run for and sit on the PRAHA Board of Directors.

There are other opportunities to volunteer that are too numerous to mention. Please look for the opportunities as they present themselves.


The process for fulfilling volunteer hours is as follows:

Volunteer opportunities will be discussed during parent meetings at the beginning of each hockey season. During this meeting, expectations will be covered, as well as some of the opportunities available.  Discuss with Team Managers, Rink Staff or PRAHA Board Members what volunteer opportunities are available.  It is your responsibility to seek out opportunities that fit into your schedule.

   Communication will be the key to making this successful.


Working at games for levels other than your own will earn 1.5 hours per 1 hour worked.

Accountability – Once you sign up for a slot, you are responsible to work that time slot.  People are counting on you.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, you must make arrangement with someone to fill your shift.  You must inform your team manager or the coordinator of the event about changes.  Please avoid making changes last minute to alleviate as much confusion as possible.

PRAHA Volunteer Bookis placed on the table in the Board Room.  It is your responsibility to write and track your time in the book to ensure proper credit is given.  Team managers, Coordinators, Arena Staff, etc. will verify the time worked and sign off on completed work.  A signature is required to get credit for hours worked.  Hours not completed by March 31st will result in cashing your volunteer fee check.  All hours must be completed to avoid your check being cashed.  PRAHA’s goal is to not cash anyone’s check.  Please help us fulfill that goal.  For those who complete their hours, checks can be picked up at the annual meeting.  Checks not picked up will be shredded unless arrangements have been made prior to the annual meeting. 

Your children are reaping the rewards of the PRAHA hockey program.  This organization is run and sustained by the volunteer efforts of its membership.  The more volunteers this organization has, the better the Association becomes.  Let’s all do our share to keep things equitable, so that 10% of the membership does not end up doing 100% of the work.  Your participation is KEY to making PRAHA successful.


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